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today’s post has pretty much nothing to do with crafts (yet) but has everything to do with what i am thinking about at the moment. (and also has to do with the fact that i should be doing my homework for class but don’t really know how/am too lazy to figure it out. so why not write a little in my long-neglected blog to continue procrastination?)

i am loving school. absolutely loving it. i am so thankful to have the resource to be able to attend, and that God blessed me with acceptance into such a great program. i have met some awesome people, have gone to (and will go to!) some incredible places, and am just enjoying seeing the world through the eyes of someone whose sole purpose is to learn. i can wear sweatpants to class and get free student 2-day shipping from amazon. a lot of times there is free food. we get  beer at school on fridays. jealous yet?

yet in case i forgot, the real purpose of me being here is to get a job. which is a little weird because i left a job to come here. and i really liked that job. kindof loved it, save for a few bad days here and there and a general sense of  “couldn’t i be doing something that would actually help people?” my encouraging friends would say, “but people NEED deodorant! that helps people!” which i don’t disagree—people DO need deodorant (particularly dove, axe, and degree deodorants), but i digress.

when applying to school, i knew i wanted to use this experience as a chance to try something new, or to come back to my previous career with a renewed sense of purpose, that i was doing what i was supposed to be doing. but now that i am close to the midway point of this crazy year, i’m not sure if i am any closer to answering the question of “what should i be doing?”.

right now i’m reading the book “good to great” (yes—about 10 years later than everyone else in the business world). and the author has an interesting concept of what makes firms go from “good” to “great.”  he calls it the hedgehog concept (which i think is cute) and i think it can be applied to life or careers as well. he argues that the “great” firms find a unique position at the intersect of:

1) what they are passionate about

2) what they can be the BEST at

3) what makes them money

so i’m trying to think about that in the context of thinking about my future job—-what am i passionate about, what am i the best at (this is the hardest), and what can i make money (AMOUNT of money isn’t even the important part, but does need to be financially viable).

so far i don’t really have answers to these questions, but i’m thinking. and on wednesday, i get to hear harry kraemer, former ceo of baxter and my professor for a leadership course next quarter speak on “becoming an effective leader: balancing career, family and spirituality”.

so you’ll have to forgive me if crafternoons shifts a bit from actual crafts (well who am i kidding, my last craft was really a powerpoint presentation), and shifts a bit to bizness. or my job search. or random musings. suggestions welcome!


the return of the crafternoon

at last. the crafternoon returns. and in full force, meaning caramel apple empanadas at taco bell, some craft shopping, and actual production. and no messing around this time, some serious hours were spent crafting. and though my own craft was slightly more business-y than craft-y due to the fact that i may possibly be kicked off the board of REST if i don’t finish this darn program book pronto, i consider graphic design (ok it was in powerpoint) a teensy bit crafty.

we even sat at lauren and emily’s king of crafts table (once emily updates her blog it will be linked HERE). complete with a sign to commemorate the occassion. and remind us if we thought we may instead take a nap.

oh yea, and we had champagne.

and snacks. crafting requires calories. lots of them


i have eaten innumerable red starbursts in the past week. seriously, this is new product development genius.

and then the crafts. lots of them. beth is preparing for her application to the macy’s fashion incubator, lauren is making the cutest onesies on the planet, and i am STILL working on the REST program book.

good friends. crafts. champagne. laughs. what could be better?

wedding “scrapbook” 4 years later

Four years ago (just after our wedding) I “started” a scrapbook to commemorate the day. Meaning I bought the book, and put one picture in it. I think I may have also tucked a copy of our program in it as well, but it basically has remained in this position ever since, stuffed with the items that I would one day include:

For those who have been to my home, you’ll remember this basket tucked/shoved above the fridge. Obviously not a top priority, but also not something I was willing to totally give up on based on the importance of the day and preserving those memories. But it seemed that a scrapbook wasn’t in the cards.

Then yesterday, I was browsing one of my favorite blogs: and noticed their cute way of preserving their wedding memories (see post here: but don’t compare to my version as they are crafty to the max). They had lots of cute items as they had a very DIY wedding, but I figured the principle could still work for me. The reasons I liked this idea:

– Was way less overwhelming than an entire book

– Is something that I would actually look at, as opposed to a book that would get shoved along with the wedding album and other things that I look at maybe once a year

So I immediately looked out the window to see if my favorite Zipcar was available to rent (Merrick) and quickly snagged him up for an hour to head to Target. I picked up a great shadow box frame for only $9.99 as well as a few other Target must-haves that had nothing to do with the wedding box, and headed home.

There are a few things that we don’t have anymore, but I did have a collection of items that I wanted to include:

1) The one picture which I had put in the original scrapbook

2) The program (also included in original book)

3) The ticket to board the Odyssey

4) The stamp used for programs, envelopes, and other goodies throughout the wedding

5) The invite that I kick myself for not handmaking at the time

6) One of the great little handmade trinkets that the hotel staff left on our bed everyday during our honeymoon at the lovely Esperanza

Once I collected these things the whole thing only took about an hour. I used double stick tape and some of these great little foam squares to give it a little dimension. Pics of a few of the items, as well as the work in progress:

And the final product….

another wall another craft

After yesterday’s successful wall decor project, I was extra motivated today to keep going. Over a year ago, we bought some cool wall decal stickers from a London market. I later found out you can buy them in the US (I am going to conveniently forget and consider them a unique souvenier), but nevertheless, I love them.

I thought about putting them up in our old place, but was deterred because although they are really just jumbo stickers, there is alot of work involved to put them up. Cutting, placing, and a LOT of peeling. But I’m so glad I waited, because I think our new apartment is better suited for them and now I can enjoy them here!

First I cut and cut and cut. And then placed them on the wall, continuing to move them over an inch, up an inch, then back for about an hour before I got it how I wanted. Below is a work-in-progress.

Then the peeling began. And this was not fun at all, I think after sitting for over a year in our old place may have made it a little trickier to separate the backing from the transfer sheet from the decal, but alas, it was complete! And I love it!

design dilemma

I came to my friend Emily with a design dilemma. Well actually she came to me, I tricked her and Kyle to come hang some curtains for me and then sprung on an additional request. In our new apartment, I had two problems: 1) What to do with our blank, massive wall behind the couch and 2) How do we hang Trent’s grandfather’s paintings without making it seem like an art gallery in the apartment. Though I had been thinking about this for days (well honestly longer as our old apartment never really felt quite right), Emily sprung into action and had a solution in a matter of minutes. See solution here:

And her handy assistant Kyle had some great tricks (yarn measuring the midpoint of the wall) as well as seemingly endless patience while Emily and I said, “no a little higher, a little to the right”:

I couldn’t believe how well it turned out! I’m so happy to have something to fill our giant wall, and also to showcase Oscar’s work in a really cool and unique way. Special thanks to Emily and Kyle for solving a major design dilemma. Don’t come to my house unless you’re ready to work 🙂

bringing back an old craft

trent really surprised me for my birthday this year with a new keyboard! i have been talking for a while about how i wish i hadn’t stopped playing the piano oh 10 or so years ago, and now with this, i can play again! it turns out i am a little (very) rusty, but am really looking forward to picking it back up again! the keyboard has weighted keys so it is just like a real piano, with the added bonus as trent pointed out that i can wear headphones when i practice to not disturb “the neighbors.”

the keyboard came with a book of songs that are highly advanced, my only hope is that by re-learning fur elise, i may pick up some of the note-reading that i learned long ago. i’m also, as soon as i am finished writing here, going to see if i can download some free sheet music online.

so here goes! this is a craft that will need much practice and much patience, but am really looking forward to it.


cards for moi

after a long season of christmas crafts, including AT LAST the maresh family christmas letter and mix, it’s time to make something for me! and by something i mean something not totally daunting like the afghan that i started 6+ months ago and haven’t touched since, but something nice and easy. since my birthday was coming up, i thought why not make a few cards for myself? so i did. plus it aided in the procrastination that i call “applying for grad school.” this little craft ate up a few hours of my sunday, which was great.

i’ve been experimenting a little more with the cricut, and unfortunately found that to do the really cool, design-yourself stuff, you have to have a pc. now why they make a design program (ok its really just for scrapbookers, not designers) not mac-friendly, i have no idea. but i can do some cute cutouts that when paired with lined envelopes look pretty nice!