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Crafts make the best gifts

December 27, 2009

my mom loves my crafts. or she just loves me too much to tell me otherwise. so she keeps getting them. this year I made her a set of  signature three strands stationery and monogrammed handkerchiefs (she actually requested plain white handkerchiefs, I thought only grandpas still used these) to liven up what could have been a boring gift. now if you find yourself looking for plain handkerchiefs, do not go to joanns. though they are usually the golden land of all things craft, they have every possible material to embroider EXCEPT hankerchiefs. seriously, they have sachets, baby bibs, aprons, and tons of other items that I can’t understand why anyone would be interested in owning, much less embellishing, but if you need handerchiefs just go straight to amazon. here are the results, there was also one with a misshapen heart but was too ugly to make the cut. merry Christmas mom!


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  1. b.niel permalink

    oh my gosh! the cards turned out amazing, as did the handkerchiefs!! where did you end up finding them?

  2. oh i love your embroidery! how have i not seen these? i’m sure jan loved them.

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