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bringing back an old craft

January 18, 2010

trent really surprised me for my birthday this year with a new keyboard! i have been talking for a while about how i wish i hadn’t stopped playing the piano oh 10 or so years ago, and now with this, i can play again! it turns out i am a little (very) rusty, but am really looking forward to picking it back up again! the keyboard has weighted keys so it is just like a real piano, with the added bonus as trent pointed out that i can wear headphones when i practice to not disturb “the neighbors.”

the keyboard came with a book of songs that are highly advanced, my only hope is that by re-learning fur elise, i may pick up some of the note-reading that i learned long ago. i’m also, as soon as i am finished writing here, going to see if i can download some free sheet music online.

so here goes! this is a craft that will need much practice and much patience, but am really looking forward to it.



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  1. yessss. next time i come over i better get to here some fur-elise, stufee.

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