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May 28, 2010

After yesterday’s successful wall decor project, I was extra motivated today to keep going. Over a year ago, we bought some cool wall decal stickers from a London market. I later found out you can buy them in the US (I am going to conveniently forget and consider them a unique souvenier), but nevertheless, I love them.

I thought about putting them up in our old place, but was deterred because although they are really just jumbo stickers, there is alot of work involved to put them up. Cutting, placing, and a LOT of peeling. But I’m so glad I waited, because I think our new apartment is better suited for them and now I can enjoy them here!

First I cut and cut and cut. And then placed them on the wall, continuing to move them over an inch, up an inch, then back for about an hour before I got it how I wanted. Below is a work-in-progress.

Then the peeling began. And this was not fun at all, I think after sitting for over a year in our old place may have made it a little trickier to separate the backing from the transfer sheet from the decal, but alas, it was complete! And I love it!


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  1. Beth permalink

    Love it! Looks great!

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