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wedding “scrapbook” 4 years later

June 8, 2010

Four years ago (just after our wedding) I “started” a scrapbook to commemorate the day. Meaning I bought the book, and put one picture in it. I think I may have also tucked a copy of our program in it as well, but it basically has remained in this position ever since, stuffed with the items that I would one day include:

For those who have been to my home, you’ll remember this basket tucked/shoved above the fridge. Obviously not a top priority, but also not something I was willing to totally give up on based on the importance of the day and preserving those memories. But it seemed that a scrapbook wasn’t in the cards.

Then yesterday, I was browsing one of my favorite blogs: and noticed their cute way of preserving their wedding memories (see post here: but don’t compare to my version as they are crafty to the max). They had lots of cute items as they had a very DIY wedding, but I figured the principle could still work for me. The reasons I liked this idea:

– Was way less overwhelming than an entire book

– Is something that I would actually look at, as opposed to a book that would get shoved along with the wedding album and other things that I look at maybe once a year

So I immediately looked out the window to see if my favorite Zipcar was available to rent (Merrick) and quickly snagged him up for an hour to head to Target. I picked up a great shadow box frame for only $9.99 as well as a few other Target must-haves that had nothing to do with the wedding box, and headed home.

There are a few things that we don’t have anymore, but I did have a collection of items that I wanted to include:

1) The one picture which I had put in the original scrapbook

2) The program (also included in original book)

3) The ticket to board the Odyssey

4) The stamp used for programs, envelopes, and other goodies throughout the wedding

5) The invite that I kick myself for not handmaking at the time

6) One of the great little handmade trinkets that the hotel staff left on our bed everyday during our honeymoon at the lovely Esperanza

Once I collected these things the whole thing only took about an hour. I used double stick tape and some of these great little foam squares to give it a little dimension. Pics of a few of the items, as well as the work in progress:

And the final product….


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  1. Beth permalink

    WHOA!!! What a super amazing craft!! This is awesome and makes me jealous. I want to make one! Wow, you win the craft race. at least this time. muahahaha.

  2. jan moore permalink

    Steph the box is beautiful! Thanks for sending me the link to your blog. “Three Strands” may want to expand!!!

  3. tash permalink

    so, I was on a boring conference call today and decided to hop on over and check out your blog. I love all your recent crafty projects, especially this one. I have almost the identical scrap book waiting to be started, which I still have intentions to do, but this is a great idea! I have to ask…what have you done w/ it now that it’s complete? hang it on the wall? sit it on a shelf?

    • chimaresh permalink

      hi tash—thanks for visiting crafternoons 🙂
      right now i have it sitting on the armoire in our guest room but am planning once i get my lovely west elm desk (probably will blog about that tomorrow) was planning to put some shelves above it and lean the shadow box there. once i find a home i will send you a photo!

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