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the return of the crafternoon

September 18, 2010

at last. the crafternoon returns. and in full force, meaning caramel apple empanadas at taco bell, some craft shopping, and actual production. and no messing around this time, some serious hours were spent crafting. and though my own craft was slightly more business-y than craft-y due to the fact that i may possibly be kicked off the board of REST if i don’t finish this darn program book pronto, i consider graphic design (ok it was in powerpoint) a teensy bit crafty.

we even sat at lauren and emily’s king of crafts table (once emily updates her blog it will be linked HERE). complete with a sign to commemorate the occassion. and remind us if we thought we may instead take a nap.

oh yea, and we had champagne.

and snacks. crafting requires calories. lots of them


i have eaten innumerable red starbursts in the past week. seriously, this is new product development genius.

and then the crafts. lots of them. beth is preparing for her application to the macy’s fashion incubator, lauren is making the cutest onesies on the planet, and i am STILL working on the REST program book.

good friends. crafts. champagne. laughs. what could be better?


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  1. nothing. absolutely nothing.

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