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November 16, 2010

today’s post has pretty much nothing to do with crafts (yet) but has everything to do with what i am thinking about at the moment. (and also has to do with the fact that i should be doing my homework for class but don’t really know how/am too lazy to figure it out. so why not write a little in my long-neglected blog to continue procrastination?)

i am loving school. absolutely loving it. i am so thankful to have the resource to be able to attend, and that God blessed me with acceptance into such a great program. i have met some awesome people, have gone to (and will go to!) some incredible places, and am just enjoying seeing the world through the eyes of someone whose sole purpose is to learn. i can wear sweatpants to class and get free student 2-day shipping from amazon. a lot of times there is free food. we get  beer at school on fridays. jealous yet?

yet in case i forgot, the real purpose of me being here is to get a job. which is a little weird because i left a job to come here. and i really liked that job. kindof loved it, save for a few bad days here and there and a general sense of  “couldn’t i be doing something that would actually help people?” my encouraging friends would say, “but people NEED deodorant! that helps people!” which i don’t disagree—people DO need deodorant (particularly dove, axe, and degree deodorants), but i digress.

when applying to school, i knew i wanted to use this experience as a chance to try something new, or to come back to my previous career with a renewed sense of purpose, that i was doing what i was supposed to be doing. but now that i am close to the midway point of this crazy year, i’m not sure if i am any closer to answering the question of “what should i be doing?”.

right now i’m reading the book “good to great” (yes—about 10 years later than everyone else in the business world). and the author has an interesting concept of what makes firms go from “good” to “great.”  he calls it the hedgehog concept (which i think is cute) and i think it can be applied to life or careers as well. he argues that the “great” firms find a unique position at the intersect of:

1) what they are passionate about

2) what they can be the BEST at

3) what makes them money

so i’m trying to think about that in the context of thinking about my future job—-what am i passionate about, what am i the best at (this is the hardest), and what can i make money (AMOUNT of money isn’t even the important part, but does need to be financially viable).

so far i don’t really have answers to these questions, but i’m thinking. and on wednesday, i get to hear harry kraemer, former ceo of baxter and my professor for a leadership course next quarter speak on “becoming an effective leader: balancing career, family and spirituality”.

so you’ll have to forgive me if crafternoons shifts a bit from actual crafts (well who am i kidding, my last craft was really a powerpoint presentation), and shifts a bit to bizness. or my job search. or random musings. suggestions welcome!


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  1. How did I not see this until now? Love it. Your business is your craft, honey. And you’re great at it. Can’t wait to read more.

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